Natanielle Felicitas is a freelance cellist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Through her recording projects and live performances, she seeks to create experiences where listeners and collaborators find themselves fully present in a shared moment.

Some career highlights so far include: co-arranging and recording the album Night Sky by Raine Hamilton, 2018; opening for Daniel Lanois & Venetian Snares with her trio Civvie in 2017; opening the 2014 Cluster New Music & Integrated Arts Festival with fibre artist Kelly Ruth; recording an original solo cello piece by Shirley Grierson for Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers, 2012; touring Canada, US, UK as a member of singer-songwriter JP Hoe's backing band, 2012-present; writing and performing original music on solo cello for Theatre by the River's production of Habitat, 2010.

At the age of 9, Natanielle began studying classical cello with Olivia Walsh in Edmonton, AB. During those first ten years of cello study, Nat also played in youth orchestra, sang in choirs, joined a nose flute ensemble, trained in ballet and tap dance, and dabbled in visual art. In college she acquired certified training in Arts and Cultural Management.

Relocating to Winnipeg in 2009, Natanielle engaged with the cultural community on an administrative level, but the urge to hit the stage again could not be ignored. Strapping her cello to her back and cycling from gig to gig, Nat has since collaborated with numerous musicians, appeared on various recordings, and accompanied theatre and dance productions.

Natanielle feels at home when improvising, experimenting with noise and sound, playing amplified or acoustic, arranging original cello parts for songs, and interpreting a written score.

Professional Affiliations: Member of Manitoba Music Industry Association , ACI Manitoba, SOCAN, MROC.

Detailed CV below...

Recording & Live Sessions

2018   Madeleine Roger - TBA - Paint Box Studios
2018   Logan McKillop - Anchorless, The Song Shop Studio
2018   Raine Hamilton - Night Sky - Paint Box Studios
2017   Civvie - Inheritance  - Paint Box Studios
2016   Violent Screech - TBA - Private Ear Studio
2015   KEN Mode - Success - Empire Recording Studio
2015   JP Hoe - Hideaway - Private Ear Studio
2015   Cantor Dust - I Can't Find My Cape (cello & vocals) - home studio
2015   Klame - Home - home studio
2014   Sheena Grobb - The Living Compassion Project - Clear Light Sound
2014   The Fuse - Brilliant Sun - home studio
2013   Chez Willi - I Saw the Wolf -  (cello, vocals, guitar) - Home Street Recording Co. & MOSMA
2013   Kindest Cuts - Self-Titled - home studio
2013   Chez Willi - Self-Titled (cello, vocals, guitar) - Home Street Recording Co.
2013   Stephen Palmer (SK) - Prairie Airs - Beside Studios
2013   Laura Bachynsky (AB) - Hope Is - Two Bodies of Water Studio
2013   KEN Mode - Entrench - Private Ear Studio
2013   This Hisses - Anhedonia - home studio
2012   Shirley Grierson (composer) - Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers - Collector Studio
2012   Alexander McGowan - Present Times - Private Ear Studio
2012   SitDownTracy - Twenty Something Winters - Video Pool
2012   Dan Frechette - Woman - home studio
2011   Doug Glenn - Rooster Town - home studio
2011   The Few Who Do - Self-titled - home studio
2011   Doug Hoyer (AB) - Walks with the Tender and Growing Night - home studio
2011   Jessica Jalbert (AB) - Brother Loyola - Riverdale Recorders
2009  Gobble Gobble (AB) - Neon Graveyard - home studio
2008  Klame - Mundane Escape - home studio
2003  Kristilyn Robertson (AB) - The Uncut Version - home studio


100 Mile House, Jocelyne Baribeau, Jenny Berkel, Bull Kelp, Cantor Dust, Chez Willi, Joshua David/Klame, Echocity, Doug Edmond, Slappyfeatherwhistle Noseflute Ensemble, The Few Who Do, Gazzo Osborne, JP Hoe, Doug Hoyer, Tom Keenan, Patrick Keenan, marijosee, Querkus, SitDownTracy, Sweet Alibi, Wanda Wilson, Winnipeg School Division student's choir program, First Lutheran Church Choir.

Theatre & Film Productions

2017   Bell MTS Stories from Home - From the Dirt - Complete soundtrack for short documentary by Tyler Funk & Carmen Ponto
2015   Cercle Moliere - Le Boucher - Music Director/Engineer, Daniel Roa
2014   Loom & Cello - Nuite Blanch/Culture Days
2014   Loom & Cello - Cluster: New Music & Integrated Arts Festival
2014   Chamber Orchestra MUSAIC - Crossroads -  Larry Strachan (Conductor)
2013   One Trunk Theatre - Festival of Hybrid Performance - Composed/Recorded solo cello, found-sounds
2013   MTYP - The Arcadians - Musical Theatre Orchestra
2012   One Trunk Theatre - Monogamy is Dead, the Apocalypse is Now - Nuite Blanche/Culture Days
2011   MTYP - The Pirates of Penzance - Musical Theatre Orchestra
2010   One Trunk Theatre - The Bride - Improvised cello accompaniment
2010   Theatre by the River - Habitat - Composed/performed original music
2009   MTYP - The Mooncussers Daughter - Improvised accompaniment
2009   Sarasvati Productions - Fen - Recorded cello samples
2008   10 Days of Madness(AB) - Queen Lear - Improvised accompaniment
2002   Fringe Theatre Adventures(AB) - The 7th Circle - Musical Theatre Orchestra
2001   Fringe Theatre Adventures(AB) - Animal Farm -Musical Theatre Orchestra