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Calendars Command. We Oblige. 

A 19 year old nanny without a hint of Hebrew on her tongue, tending to three children in a strange land who's politics didn't match her own. It was a friend of the family. It was a chance to leave the country. She went for it. If timing is everything than going to Israel for four months in 2004 was an example of bad timing. She felt emotionally lost and physically sick much of the time.

She turned 20 in Israel. Feeling lonely, disconnected, and uncertain. Interestingly, music was the furthest thing from her…

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Reminder to Make a Checklist of Reminders 

Things That Happened and I Should Write About:

1. SXSW 2014
2. Winnipeg Folk Fest 2014
3. JP Hoe Summer Tour 2014
4. JP Hoe UK Tour 2014
5. Recording with Steve Albini and KEN Mode
6. Turning 30 Years Old

Much has happened since last I wrote. It is already winter again. I have my sleeves full of excuses for my lag in updates. Mostly I blame motivation issues and cats. Yes, cats. I live with two and they are just too cute, and needy. They are my downfall when trying to be productive.

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Cluster 2014: A Very Late Review 

In March of 2014, Winnipeg was colder than Mars. Facing it and braving it, the Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival delivered an array of interpretations on their 2014 theme: Amplification. At times as brash as the windchill outside or as contemplative as a snowy evening, the program demonstrated the festival's strong dedication to exploring the new, the brave, the unknown, and the seldom shown.

My contribution to the 2014 festival was a collaboration with the multi-talented artist Kelly Ruth. We…Read more

Loom + Cello 

The past few months of been spent researching, gathering inspiration, and letting ideas marinate for an upcoming performance project. On March 1st, 2014, local textile artist/painter, Kelly Ruth and I will perform a duet between amplified weaving loom and cello. This exciting collaboration will be presented during the Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival.

Ms. Ruth and I have worked together previously in the project Cantor Dust but this is the first time we are creating new work as a duo. It's fun…Read more

Future Intentions Based on Past Experiences 

  This entry exists as my attempt to reflect on 2013 and cautiously place some reasonable expectations on the year ahead of me. Putting pen to paper used to be daily routine, but over the past five years I have fallen out of habit. The time-saving style of typing into a blog has yet to be adopted as my attention is quick to be diverted to the one hit wonder of status updates and twitter patter. Now the fireplace is lit, I've cozied myself in slippers and housecoat, the coffee has been pressed, and the phone…Read more